Become a collection agent

Become an agent

Become an Associate Agent of The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande

What is an

The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande Agents are independent professionals, but, they are not alone….

They have the support of the Broker and the entire RE/MAX Organization, developing their business with autonomy, receiving the highest commissions in the market. That’s why we call them Agents.

They have all the benefits of belonging to the best national real estate network and the one that sells more properties in the world..

This facilitates their work, being able to reach very high turnover averages in a few months.

Become an Agent

Continuous training

High commissions

Time freedom

Full autonomy


Whether or not you have experience in the real estate sector, you will be able to develop as a qualified professional. Our experts and the strength of the brand will support you in developing your professional career.

The strength of the brand at your service:

By being part of The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande, everyone knows the professional work done by the Associate Agents and associates them with the prestige and recognition of a brand like RE/MAX, increasing considerably their results and those of their office.

Continuous training:

The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande offers you the best training in the market. You can train at RE/MAX By RE/MAX University, the only real estate university in the world. We have an extensive training program for Brokers and Agents, with more than 200 courses taught by the best professionals and experts.

Service that sets us apart:

We have professional photography equipment for the homes you capture. We have legal and juridical support, financial services and insurance. Everything so that you can have the best tools and offer the best solutions.

The largest real estate market

We are part of the largest real estate exchange in the country. Through the MLS system (shared real estate exchange) the Associated Agents can share operations with other professionals.

More Business

With The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande the Associated Agents get the most out of their work, always obtaining the highest commissions in the market. In addition, thanks to our exclusive referral system, associated agents can share operations with other RE/MAX offices, as well as contacts and clients, both buyers and sellers, which is an important source of profit.

What does an

  • Classify new customers
  • Study the market where you work
  • Attracts new properties for sale
  • Elaborates Marketing plans for the properties in portfolio
  • Manages and follows up on the needs of its Clients
  • Financially advises its Clients
  • Finalizes the sale of the properties in portfolio


At The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande, performance inspires performance, which is what happens in efficient, highly collaborative office environments. This, in turn, attracts the best agents and reinforces the brand's winning image.