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The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande is the leading international company not only in real estate franchise sales, but also in terms of number of properties sold, number of agents and offices worldwide and most importantly, it leads in the number of satisfied customers!

A satisfaction that is mainly due to the fact that The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande and its unique working system is designed by and for the benefit of all the actors involved in the real estate business. Sellers, buyers, Realtors and entrepreneurs will find in the company the greatest benefits.



The services are different because The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande is different. We offer an exclusive treatment and service from the first moment. The services that identify us are the valuation of real estate, legal services, financial services, the MLS, our own advertising agency, exclusive web page for each property, renovations, removals, insurance. All these services differentiate us from the rest and allow us to have our own identity.

You must demand above all that he/she is a professional in the real estate sector, that is, that he/she is knowledgeable about the market, that he/she is committed to the sale of your property, and that he/she is fully dedicated to the sale of your home.

The buyer must demand that the agent has a global knowledge of the real estate market, that is, not only must he demand absolute knowledge of what he is selling, but the real estate agent is also obliged toknow all the processes involved in the sale and purchase of real estate.

It is based on a series of processes that begin with a valuation of the property to be sold, recommending to the owner what the selling price should be. The next step once the sale price has been established is a specific marketing plan for the sale of the property, depending on the characteristics of the property are studied which are the most appropriate means of promoting the property for the sale of the same, written, mailing, mailing, mailing, placement of the poster, etc … Then the property is uploaded with all the features and photographs of the property to the RE/MAX website, and thus the property automatically appears in the MLS system and in more than 50 real estate portals. The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande working system requires excellent customer service, to know exactly what people are looking for and not to waste time on unnecessary visits, thus optimizing the real estate agent’s valuable time and not bothering the owner with meaningless visits. Finally something very important in our work system is the synergy that exists with the client, that is to say, the agent continuously informs the owner of everything he is doing for his house and the results of the calls, visits, offers, in such a way that the owner has absolute control over the work of selling his property.

The agent intervenes in all the buying and selling process, starting from the moment the associated agent shows the client the house of their dreams until the handing over of the keys. The agent prepares the necessary documents for the signaling of the house, provides financing to buyers if necessary, and finally intervenes in the deed of sale, providing advice to the client at all times.
The agent has them, since he has at his disposal a continuous training in the RE/MAX School. He/she must have knowledge, among others, in fiscal, financial, real estate valuations, real estate law, marketing and sales…
I believe that the client is looking for a serious and professional agency. They are looking for an agency with great possibilities, that has an important position in the sector, but above all, they are looking for a real estate professional in this agency. This is a people’s business and what makes the client finally opt for one agency or another is that the real estate agent he deals with is prepared and knows how to transmit confidence and security.
First of all because it is the only way to sell a property at the best price in the shortest time possible. The client is assured that the real estate agency is going to put all its efforts in the sale of his house, that is to say, it is going to invest money in the sale of his house to sell it in the shortest possible time.
The MLS is a multiple listing of properties, in which real estate professionals share their properties. This system is unbeatable and innovative in Spain, offering the client all the possibilities of the market. The operation is very simple, the real estate agent that has captured the property overturns it in the MLS, and from that moment the property has a network of unsurpassed points of sale, through which the property can be sold regardless of the name of the real estate agency, and always acting through the real estate agent who captured the property.

I would tell the client to choose a real estate professional both to buy and sell a house, because he is the best person to advise him on all issues related to the purchase and sale of real estate. You are going to save time, money, and avoid possible unpleasantness. Also my advice is that compare the agencies that work in the real estate sector, and you will distinguish the agent and The RE/MAX Collection Sotogrande brand symbol of a solid and professional work system, among all the others.


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